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There is no need for wiring upgrades with use of euro lite.  stock
wattage bulbs in euros are plenty bright.  It is not the lens that is an
issue it is the reflector. Stongard will protect whatever setup you run
w/o effecting efficiency for cheaper than you can replace a euro lens.
what should be of concern is the fact that whatever lite setup you run
it can be reduced by 50% within 10 minutes when driving in NE winter
conditions.......what about wipers???

David Schaible

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>I bought my set
>from Blau along with their harness and 80/100's. 
>Clearly the only option for our cars.  To save money,
>you can make your own harness and there are
>listers who've make their own.  For me it was the 
>time to make one and the Blau harness made it easy 
>for me.  

What is the general impression of the Blau harness
quality?  I built my own for my '91 coupe, and now
want to put euros onto the new-to-us 95S6.  Looks
like getting the complete kit with harness from Blau
is only a couple bux more than just buying the lights,
but if their kit is crap then I'd rather build my
Matt Rooke

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