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Sorry not answering your first question sooner.  Now my comments...

	I would say if you don't have the time to gather the parts and sit
down to prepare the harness then the Blau harness will be the best bet.  I
think the quality of their harness was very well done with quality parts.
They even include the switch to operate the H1/H3 from the cockpit with
ample wiring.  All connectors had shrink wrap on them, all the wiring was
protected with flexible black tubing which gave it a "factory" look.  They
include 3 relays in the kit, others may want more relays for each circuit
but for me it will work.  My car does have and "extra" set of relay's from
the PO (as noted in my prior post).
	The only think that isn't so clean is the connector to the
headlight.  I assume the factory plug is either NLA or priced out of reach
for the number of harness' they produce for our cars.  The owner's manual
show some circular plug on the back of the headlight.  I can live without
the factory plug.  Maybe a fellow European lister can get one.
	Only one vague instruction was the connection of the side marker
light to their harness which operates the "city light".  On my car, the side
marker light has a rubber boot covering the light plug/connector, so you'll
have to pull back the boot to see the power wire to plug in the harness.
Not a big deal.  I called Blau this morning about it, so maybe they'll
change their instructions to be more specific next time.
	According to Keith at Blau, the harness' was made that day when I
ordered the lights.  Connie did answer all my questions and was
	For the amount of their kit versus buying the lights alone made up
in any time I'd be spending going to the parts store for connectors and
such.  Don't get me wrong, I like working on my 200 but mountain biking is
my passion so I spend as much time I can riding in addition to having
responsibilities in life.
	My electrical experiences are limited compared to the guys on the
list.  The instructions were clear, except noted above, and they did make
all precautions possible.  They include some troubleshooting instructions if
the lights don't work.  Luckily, everything worked for me.  If you prepare
and don't have any time issues then there should be no problems.  I did read
that suvlights does make a harness custom made for less, but I haven't seen
one.  Maybe a lister can chime in about theirs.  If figure Blau has been
doing it for a long time so they have heard most of the issues us owners
have had during installation.  I had one other issue not related to their
	Do you have euro lights already or are you thinking of purchasing a
Feel free to email me off list for more questions.


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Yes, 80/100 is the goal, and that requires relays to
protect the steering column switch.  Back to my
original question, is the Blau harness worth it?

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> > There is no need for wiring upgrades with use of
> euro lite.  stock
> > wattage bulbs in euros are plenty bright.  It is
> not the lens that is an
> > issue it is the reflector. Stongard will protect
> whatever setup you run
> > w/o effecting efficiency for cheaper than you can
> replace a euro lens.
> > what should be of concern is the fact that
> whatever lite setup you run
> > it can be reduced by 50% within 10 minutes when
> driving in NE winter
> > conditions.......what about wipers???
> >
> > David Schaible
> The stock wattage isn't bad and is far better than
> stock - but the 80/100's
> are truly awesome. Stonegard says don't use their
> product with 80/100's as I
> recall due to heat build up and possible cracking of
> the lens.
> mike miller

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