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Tue Feb 10 19:02:45 EST 2004

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>> There is no need for wiring upgrades with use of euro lite.
Most on this list would disagree with that statement, even for the stock
system, if one expects the switch to last over 100K.
>>  stock
>> wattage bulbs in euros are plenty bright.  It is not the lens that is an
>> issue it is the reflector. Stongard will protect whatever setup you run
>> w/o effecting efficiency for cheaper than you can replace a euro lens.
>> what should be of concern is the fact that whatever lite setup you run
>> it can be reduced by 50% within 10 minutes when driving in NE winter
>> conditions.......

>> what about wipers???
If you don't turn them on, you don't need lights.
>> David Schaible
> The stock wattage isn't bad and is far better than stock - but the 80/100's
> are truly awesome. Stonegard says don't use their product with 80/100's as I
> recall due to heat build up and possible cracking of the lens.
I can attest to that.  I have two Euro lenses with swirling cracks, but the
Stongard holds them together.  If one were to stress relieve a new Euro lens
before installing, the problem would be eliminated.  Next time!

> mike miller

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