Euro lights, Blau harness and stone gard

Ted Fisher fisherwc at
Tue Feb 10 21:05:06 EST 2004

>Yes, 80/100 is the goal, and that requires relays to
>protect the steering column switch.  Back to my
>original question, is the Blau harness worth it?


I have been running the Blau harness for several years now. The only 
problem I had was when the lights started acting up this winter. I 
popped all the relays and the surface where the relays plugged in to the 
sockets was covered with dirt. Once I cleaned them up everything was fine.

Bulbs are a 55/100 low beam combo with a 100 watt high beam.  With the 
Euros on high I have measured a reflective light (actually lighting up a 
highway sign information sign, curve speed limit etc.) in excessive of a 
mile. The biggest benefit comes from the Blua harness (or power harness) 
as some call it. The lights are running directly off of the battery. My 
mechanic tells that in stock mode the lights are only seeing 10-11 
volts, with the power harness they are running almost directly off the 
battery and are seeing closer to 13-14 volts.

As for the stoneguards, I have also been running them. My first set 
yellowed up after 4-5 years and  they sent me a new set for free (part 
of the warranty). Since my low beams are 55w I don't seem to have a 

BTW, while I fully agree with the better light that the 80w put out, I 
made the mistake of blinding a CHP officer many years ago. Since my lows 
were much brighter than normal I couldn't plead that I just had my high 
beams on. He gave me a fix it ticket and I had to change all the bulbs 
to get it written off. Now when I get busted I just say I hit em with 
the high beams and since the lows are normal they leave me alone. 
Something to think about....  Of course with the new Xenon and HID 
lights, who's to say an 80w is too bright.

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