Euro lights

Wolff wolff at
Wed Feb 11 09:58:04 EST 2004

> I recommend rewiring any US-spec t44 headlight system, euro lights or not,
just because of the abysmally shabby job they did from the factory. Even a
5kcsq with the stock fixtures and DOT 9004 bulbs will benefit from relays
and shorter, thicker wires. I just rewired one 3 days ago and the difference
was considerable from the amber hue of the deteriorated stock wiring. If you
are going to spend $600+ on the euro fixtures, spending another $15 on
wiring supplies and $12 on h4 bulbs seems like a no-brainer.
> And I don't think the Blau harness is any better than anything you can
make yourself with a decent ratcheting crimper. I haven't checked what the
cost is, but the real time you will spend is cutting and crimping onto your
stock wires, running the wire around and zip tieing it, and establishing
your ground points. The actual time required to make the parts they are
selling you is about 1/2 hour or less.
> -Jon

If you have ratcheting crimpers, understand wiring well and are good at low
voltage wiring, then 1/2 hour is reasonable, but does that include the time
to source the parts?  I think there are a fair number of people on the list
that could benefit from having the harness pre-made either due to time or
even quality. OTOH, there may be a few that would want to do it themselves
to learn in the process. I've done it both ways. I ordered the harness the
second time.

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