Climate control problem

Tom Ellis tom at
Wed Feb 11 14:12:05 EST 2004

I've had my 20020v for a bit more than a year, and every winter I have the
same problem.  In cold temperatures the AC compressor will not turn on,
either in Defrost or Auto modes, which means I can't de-humidify the
interior windows.  I took my son and a friend skiing last week and once we
reached the mountains (and cold temps) the inside of the car windows was
literally dripping, and I had to steer with one hand while continually
wiping off the windshield with the other.

Looking at the Bentley manual I found a reference that seems to indicate
that the compressor will not operate at low temps.  Is this correct?  If
not, does anyone have any ideas about what my problem might be?  And if it
is correct, do all the cars have this problem?  I love the car, but not
knowing if I'll be able to see while driving isn't much fun!

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