headlight options

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 11 20:51:27 EST 2004

I never tried any of the high wattage bulbs in the DOT lights but installed 
some aux driving lights, they made a decent difference and are fairly easy 
to install, if you go this way just remember you get what you pay for, I had 
a set of the Autozone pilot lights and after a bit of time the lenses got 
really pitted (perhaps from mounting under the bumper), and some of the 
supplied hardware was not stainless, so it rusted up making service more 
difficult than it should have been.  A better set likely would address these 
issues.  But the lighting was improved.
I recently took them out along with the DOT lights and put in some Euros, as 
far as upgrades to my car go they made the most difference in my 
satisfaction.  The difference is literally night and day.
I got mine used off the Ebay germany site, all told I spent about 300$ for a 
pair in good condition.  I found a translator site and used it to get all 
the communication started with the seller, but luckily he spoke English 
(many Europeans are bilingual at the least so that is a good possibility).  
The Ebay Germany site is set up exactly like the US site too.  if you go 
this route INSIST on careful packing and removing the side markers and 
carefuly packing those seperatly in the box, one of mine was smashed and 
these plastic reflectors run 80-100$/pr,  I since reassembled mine with 
epoxy out of 12 pieces and it has held thus far and looks decent.
I made my own wiring harness, not too tough there are instructions on CJ 
Millers site, if you have questions about it the list can help.
good luck, that's my 0.02$

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