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I probably should clarify, I'm looking for clears for the turn signals on
the front bumper.  One lister replied that Jetta II's were a fit that he
heard from others.  I thought I saw that same but wasn't sure.  
If the A2 Jetta's fit, then are they the US bumper (old style), newer style
(90 1/2-92) or the European bumper (which are similar to the A1 Golf, small
bumper)?   My assumption is the new "big bumper" turn signals.  Thanks for
the input!


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If you're talking about the ones for the 100 type
euro lamps, yes. If you're talking about the clear
reflectors on the 200 type euro lamps, no.


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I am pretty sure that these guys will have the clear turn signal lenses for
the Euro lamps. Call them and ask.

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