Battery Charging 200 tqa

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Sat Feb 14 12:54:34 EST 2004

12 hours at 6 amps is about right. else 24 hours at 2 amps.

Ideally, there should be about 14-14.2 volts across he battery terminals
for about 12 hours and it wil;l be fully charged, the lead acid battery
really needs to be charged under a constant voltage charging supply,
it will trickle off to less than an amp as it reaches full" and will not
gas unnenessarily.

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> Crew,
> Jumped into the 200tqa to head home this evening and the battery was not
> strong enough to start the car.  I began pushing it out of the space to
> get it headed "downhill" in the parking garage and a good Sam stopped to
> help and we jump started it.   It's safely back in my garage and the
> battery charger is pumping in 12 volts/2 amps as we "speak."  I was
> reading a article recently about over-charging batteries.   How long
> should I charge this sucker?    Should I kick it up to 6 amps or leave
> it at 2.   TIA for your collective help and wisdom.
> Greg J
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