Air Flap/Vacuum/Climate Control

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Feb 16 01:19:10 EST 2004

At 4:47 PM -0700 2/15/04, Kerry Griffith wrote:

>I'm fairly certain that this "fix" was part of an attempt to cure a
>vacuum-related problem in summer that causes cold a/c air to be diverted to
>the defroster ducts under boost. My question is: what problem does this
>blocking of the red vacuum line indicate? Vacuum check valve?

I'd say you're on the right track with the check valve, if the flaps 
are changing position under boost, unless it's the acceleration 
moving them.  The valve should be between the reservoir(which is the 
blue thing you see hiding in the front fender every time you open 
your door) and the back of the intake manifold.

An unusual failure, though.  Don't think I've heard of it before.  At 
least the valve should be inexpensive, unless it's part of the 
reservoir.  If that is the case, go to the junkyards, as virtually 
any type 44 donor should fit.

Door prize to the first lister that can tell me which flap it is that 
makes my car rumble whenever the fan gets going above half-speed...

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