To chip or not to chip - and which is best?

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Mon Feb 16 16:01:07 EST 2004

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> You'd need Z rated tires and a straight longer than what's available at
> tracks to accomplish this.  Therefore, it would be an outlawed & illegal
> to do so.  My suggestion would be KS, MT,UT, NV or TX were those FLAT /
> DIVIDED open interstates could support that kind of sustained speed. Down
> would help too.

That would be an ugly ticket in MT. That said, between Bowmans Corner and
Simms on hwy 200, there is a nice long down hill and a couple miles of
straight past that. I've exceded 6000 rpm in 5th a few times there. Closer
to home there is a "dip" - maybe 1/4 mile long that one can go from 75->120
and back to 75 ( in a non chipped car). My experience on Hwy 80 in NV is
that are just too many LEOs.


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