BRAKES was: Chip or not to Chip

bill bleiler b_ill78 at
Mon Feb 16 16:38:08 EST 2004

Everyone always talks about how bad the g60's are....i
had a set on my old 200 10v with powerslot rotors and
nice pads, when i got my 20v i switched the whole
front assembly over and have been driving like that
for the past 30k miles....i have done a lot of hard
braking and some autoxing...never had any problem. and
that includes a few pull downs from the cars top speed
( speedo was reading 170, although im not sure it is
accurate up that high) with a TAP chip that is pushing
23lbs of boost. I am planning on doing a BIRA upgrade
but there are a lot of other things i will do first as
these brakes are doing me just fine. could it just be
the upgraded pads and rotors make that big of a

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