AC compressor replacement.

Brian Link BrianL at
Mon Feb 16 17:48:10 EST 2004

Seal Replacement kits are about $10 - $12.  You will need snap ring
pliers to do it.  Bearing replacement is a little more.  Clutch
replacement is even more.  Rebuilt units are pretty common from parts
stores or the usual places Thepartsbin,  Rod At TPC...etc.

I rebuilt mine and charged my system with Envirofreeze.  Total rebuild
and charge cost me about $35.

Brian Link
Boulder, CO

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 08:44:01 EST
From: Lowe1991 at
Subject: AC Compressor
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My 200 needs a new AC compressor.  Any suggestions on a reasonable


Ken Lowe

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