BRAKES was: Chip or not to Chip

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Mon Feb 16 19:14:12 EST 2004

The G60s, as Audi used them to replace UFOs, have 15% less peak breaking
torque capability than do the UFOs, because of the smaller rotor diameter.
You can only use what you have!


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> bill bleiler wrote:
>> Everyone always talks about how bad the g60's are....i
>> had a set on my old 200 10v with powerslot rotors and
>> nice pads, when i got my 20v i switched the whole
>> front assembly over and have been driving like that
>> for the past 30k miles....i have done a lot of hard
>> braking and some autoxing...never had any problem.
> <Sniparoo>
> I concur.  I see these posts all the time about how the G60's are not adequate
> for this car, but I have them, and have no complaints.  I don't race, but I
> have
> done some "testing", nailing the brakes at 100mph or so, and the car hunkers
> right down, ABS buzzing away.
> <shrug>
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