Brakes G60's vs UFO's and other combos............

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Tue Feb 17 01:00:02 EST 2004

Just a few comments after deleting all that wasted bandwidth:

> I'm no brake engineer, but I
> theorize that if I compare two like kind setups braking with the ABS working
> and then not engaging the ABS by modulating the brakes at threshold, I'll bet
> the ABS will have a longer stopping distance leading to less heat generated on
> the brake rotor and its components.
Not so!  Its the same amount of kinetic energy being converted into heat,
independent of the braking system.
> That being said, I'd bet that the engaged ABS braking technique would allow
> for a longer use before brake fade, due to the ABS system pumping the brakes,
> hence (albeit brief) a constant temp or cooling between each pad to rotor
> squeeze from the brakes MC and ABS system.
> A shorter stopping distance means more heat into the brakes and its
> components.
Wrong, if the stopping time is essentually the same, for the above reason.
> The brakes convert car velocity movement into kinetic heat into the rotor
> during stopping.  The result is, you have generated more brake heat in a
> shorter braking distance.
Your terminology is so screwed up that who is to question?
> So I further say, you'd get more resistance to fading when engaging the ABS
> over and over vs. threshold braking over and over.  In tracking these cars
> (1990 10V avant and 1991 200 20V sedan, for a comparison) both trying to
> maximize 
> threshold braking while out on the same track, I felt the G60's fade first and
> earlier.
> So in conclusion:  Without track pads or upgraded rotors on any car I've
> driven AND tracked.............. I'll go for the UFO' personal
> preference 
> (given the choices) and without knowing the answer I'll assume the 1999 A6
> Avant brakes are similar to G60's.........or I've been horribly duped by
> spongy G60's AND an A6 making me think the 20V UFO's are superior.
What's an upgraded rotor? = a fat wallet rotor.


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