Brakes G60's vs UFO's and other combos............

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Tue Feb 17 14:23:53 EST 2004

Bernie, Dan, Alan et al:

Bernie: Dan's a ME. For you Bernie: this is my attempt at saving bandwidth, 
no long attachment. Don't jump on Dan for his detailed explanation by splitting 
hairs about terminology. 
B: "Dan, you may wish to rethink your "power logic".  New math, new physics?" 
and "Think harder, Dan. Your lesson in "physics phacts"................easy 
there Mr. Pimp "phat" daddy hat.<snip>

My original point (maybe not well said was) is: if ABS gives a longer 
stopping distance I gather there is less heat generated into (or absorbed as Bernie 
says) the rotor and pads vs threshold braking & threshold's shorter braking 
distance.  Although, Dan may be right this being negligible (but possibly 
measurable), something has to account for the ABS "pumping" of the pads against the 
rotor vs a steady constant pressure resulting in a shorter braking distance.  
Threshold braking being a more effective constant (if done right) clamping of 
the rotor while trying to stop.........leading to a shorter braking 
distance.....meaning more heat?  Remember, both examples were trying to stop as fast as 
they could from speed to zero MPH.

and YES point well made about brakes being traction effective.  Tires will 
have more impact on braking distances until fade sets in.
Ditto on front and rear braking bias..........Don't some Audis have a valve 
adjustment for some rears?

Last scenario:  What if the car coasts to a stop by elevation or rolling 
resistance? Mu: I believe as Alan said, what then with the heat into the brake 
components?  Are we in agreement that there would be none?  Does that heat now 
reflect in the tire temps? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................................

Great thoughts and examples Dan and Alan. I not here to bait or bash people.
no fat wallet here, I'm on used OEM UFO's, on that Bernie, hopefully we're in 
-Scott by BOSTON original thread was G60's vs.UFO's

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