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You DON'T want to use 0W40 in a 200!

I've had lots of oil consumption issues with running that light
of an oil in the older Audis. Even had this w/ the Beetle, but the
A4 does not mind 0W40.

It's not new by any means- I've been using M1 0W40 for three years.


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For anyone interested, Mobil 1 now has 0w40 ............. which meets 
VW/Audi 502 & 505 specs.
I've been using 5w40 Pentosynth for quite a few years now, year round 
.......... in non-turbo, 20v turbo, and later model V6's with excellent 

Steve H
'88 5ks Avant
'90 100 sedan
'91 200 20v TQ sedan
'97 A6 Q Avant

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