Euro headlight sources

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So you are the person who just bought the last set from Blau! Denon doesn't
currently have any but can get them in 2-4 weeks at a $200 price increase.

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No affiliations. Ron Wood (formerly of RPI) at Denon Performance Products,
888-468-0688 (toll free). He has a set but at a higher costs due to the
Euro-Dollar exchange rate. I just bought mine from Blau.


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I've finally decided to make the plunge and buy some Euro headlights. I've
tried to source them from the following places, but they don't have any,
Blau (delivery is 8-10 weeks out), PG Performance, RPI, Susquehanna
Motorsports. Anyone have any suggestions for other places I should try?
Thanks, Dave Priebe Carnation, WA 91 200tqa 178k his 95.5 S6 113k hers 66
MGB 41k

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