How much oil do you use? (redux...)

mallick at mallick at
Fri Feb 20 10:28:34 EST 2004

I wanted to get some more info from this old thread.  Derek mentioned that he
was using about 1 qt every 1000 mi., and I'm in the same boat.  175K miles on
the car and it has begun using 1 qt every 1000 mi.  No visible smoke out the
tailpipe and the bumper looks clean; no leaks either (well, no engine oil
leaks...couple of Pentosin leaks).  But the oil's going somewhere.

I just wondered if Derek had gotten to the bottom of his consumption problem. 
Bernie suggested some visual checks for either valve stem seals or turbo
bearing problems, but I haven't gotten around to pulling the hoses off to

Been running Mobil-1 15W50, but switched to dino 20W50 for the last 5K miles to
see if it helped...nada.

John M.

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