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I haven't gone in and done the checking yet (lazy perhaps, or other focuses. 
umm, I'll go with the second), but that is right about where it's been for 
me.  I'm seeing about 1-qt every 1000-1500 miles.  In fact, just put in 
another qt this am...it's been 1000 miles.

If you want, I can forward a copy of Bernie's synopsis to you as I do have 
it saved, but it sounds like you've already read it.  I've also heard that 
using dino oil instead of synthetic can help decrease oil consumption, but I 
guess we do have similar consumptions and I am using dino, so...

I've got another 4k or so until the timing belt, and that to me is t=0 for 
decision on the head work.  I can keep you updated on any thing I discover 
in route if you'd like.

Derek P

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I wanted to get some more info from this old thread.  Derek mentioned that 
was using about 1 qt every 1000 mi., and I'm in the same boat.  175K miles 
the car and it has begun using 1 qt every 1000 mi.  No visible smoke out the
tailpipe and the bumper looks clean; no leaks either (well, no engine oil
leaks...couple of Pentosin leaks).  But the oil's going somewhere.

I just wondered if Derek had gotten to the bottom of his consumption 
Bernie suggested some visual checks for either valve stem seals or turbo
bearing problems, but I haven't gotten around to pulling the hoses off to

Been running Mobil-1 15W50, but switched to dino 20W50 for the last 5K miles 
see if it helped...nada.

John M.

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