That rear end clunk [was - Porsche RS2 intake manifold]

Ben Swann benswann at
Fri Feb 20 21:19:34 EST 2004

A lot of places to look, trap arms and the link, strut mounts, and bushings.  But check first the bolts which mount the subframe.  I took about a year trying the other stuff first, with progressive results.  What I found was the real culprit is the subframe tend to work loose and play can be taken out by tightening the subframe bolts.  

To see the movement in action, get under the car and put your finger on the bolts as someone pushes the bumper up and down.  What was not visible to the eyes becomes very easy to feel with your hands.  Tightening the bolts turned that 20 year old car feeling into the tight, just off the showroom floor feeling.

And it was easy - once I found the problem.


[Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 05:05:55 -0800 (PST)

I also have a clunk coming from the back when i
go over very small bumps in the road, it sounds like
it is coming from in front of the rear wheels, anybody
ever heard of this before? I put it up on the lift but
cant seem to look for play in something but cant seem
to find it. any ideas?

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