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At 01:42 AM 2/19/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>You DON'T want to use 0W40 in a 200!
>I've had lots of oil consumption issues with running that light
>of an oil in the older Audis. Even had this w/ the Beetle, but the
>A4 does not mind 0W40.

Just curious as to why not in the older Audis as opposed to the newer ones, 
other than your experience ?
Perhaps the older ones were not exposed to the newer synth (or even the 
much better oils of today) in their early age, which may be key to extended 
wear idiosyncrasies?
My experience has been somewhat contrary to yours.
In my '97 A6 the 5w40 synth had noticeably less consumption than other dino 
oils I tried, and as a side note - the '97 A6 has always (since 44k) 
consumed more than any 5cyl I've ever had - oh well .......................

thanks for any input.
Steve H.

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>For anyone interested, Mobil 1 now has 0w40 ............. which meets
>VW/Audi 502 & 505 specs.
>I've been using 5w40 Pentosynth for quite a few years now, year round
>.......... in non-turbo, 20v turbo, and later model V6's with excellent
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