latest Mobil 1

TM t44tq at
Sat Feb 21 13:50:20 EST 2004

I've only used synthetic oils in all of the turbo cars I've
ever owned, so I can't comment on differences between synth and
dino oils.

However, I've found that using the ultralight synthetic oils used
in very recent cars does not work well with my older turbo cars-
5ktq, 200q, etc. all don't like Mobil 1 0W40, which is the preferred
oil for my A4 1.8T. The 1.8T has very little consumption with 0W40,
but significant consumption in all of our other cars, including
the non-turbo '01 Beetle 2.0. My 5ktq and 200q both prefer Mobil 1
15W50 it seems- M1 10W30 exhibits higher consumption and Castrol
Syntec 5W50 generated an enormous amount of lifter clatter.

I can't comment on your 5W40.


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