broken alternator belt

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  A few basic questions:  Is there
any problem driving it a couple of miles down the road to my mechanic?  How
difficult a job is it to replace the belt?  Should I replace all v-belts at
the same time?
There is no problem driving on the battery long as the battery has 
enough juice left. If you have a charger, give the battery a charge prior to 
going, otherwise just go at a time when you don't need lights, heat, etc. and 
you should make it.

The belt is not real tough to replace, not real easy either. Gotta get under 
the car, one [among others] tough-to-reach bolt to depends on 
your mechanical apptitude and will. If you don't know the ages of the other 
belts, they should be replaced.

Good luck!

Bob 91 200q20v   91k

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