Sub frame removal and bushing replacement

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Sat Feb 21 16:44:21 EST 2004

Have just recently done some of the front end work and I also reread 
Scotts information.  To get the subframe out you will need to pull the 
lower control arms out of the subframe. What  I do before I dive into a 
major project is get as much information as possible, then go look at 
the job on the car to visualize what I will need to do.  If you go lay 
under the car and see how it is put together Scotts  information will 
make sense.
Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Avant

George Sidman wrote:

>I need to replace, at a minimum, the subframe bushings and
>motor/tranny mounts on my '91 200 wagon. Do I need to drop the front
>suspension to get to the sub frame, or can I just get the sub frame
>out without dealing with the front end suspension, etc.? I have
>downloaded the SJM Tech Tip on the entire front end and sub frame
>process, but can't tell if I can get to the sub frame alone. 
>Any BTDT?...........

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