broken alternator belt

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Mon Feb 23 08:14:23 EST 2004

I think the alt belt is the 3rd belt in on the crank pulley, ie., you have 
to drop the Ps and A/C belts to get to it.  That said it is not too bad.  
That also said you should do all three once you are there as they will all 
be off.  I'd put it up there with changing plugs as to difficulty, just 
leave yourself some time.  The only problem I ran into was loosening all the 
compressor bolts to get the A/C belt off.  The belt was pretty tight still 
and on reinstall I had to let the engine turn itself about 1/3 crank to lift 
belt on.

Dear list members:

Driving home from work last night, the alternator belt snapped.  The car
still ran and I made it home no problem.  A few basic questions:  Is there
any problem driving it a couple of miles down the road to my mechanic?  How
difficult a job is it to replace the belt?  Should I replace all v-belts at
the same time?

Many thanks,

91 200q20v 108k miles

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