broken alternator belt

Mike Sylvester msylvester at
Mon Feb 23 08:43:12 EST 2004

Actually, it is the 1st belt on the crank pulley.
The alt belt can be done without removing any other belts.

Mike Sylvester

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> Mark,
> I think the alt belt is the 3rd belt in on the crank pulley, ie., you have
> to drop the Ps and A/C belts to get to it.  That said it is not too bad.
> That also said you should do all three once you are there as they will all
> be off.  I'd put it up there with changing plugs as to difficulty, just
> leave yourself some time.  The only problem I ran into was loosening all
> compressor bolts to get the A/C belt off.  The belt was pretty tight still
> and on reinstall I had to let the engine turn itself about 1/3 crank to
> belt on.
> Mike
> Dear list members:
> Driving home from work last night, the alternator belt snapped.  The car
> still ran and I made it home no problem.  A few basic questions:  Is there
> any problem driving it a couple of miles down the road to my mechanic?
> difficult a job is it to replace the belt?  Should I replace all v-belts
> the same time?
> Many thanks,
> Mark
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