Sub frame removal and bushing replacement

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At 04:38 AM 2/21/2004, George Sidman wrote:
>I need to replace, at a minimum, the subframe bushings and
>motor/tranny mounts on my '91 200 wagon. Do I need to drop the front
>suspension to get to the sub frame, or can I just get the sub frame
>out without dealing with the front end suspension, etc.? I have
>downloaded the SJM Tech Tip on the entire front end and sub frame
>process, but can't tell if I can get to the sub frame alone.
>Any BTDT?...........
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 From memory, and I did this alone as a total front end refurb... (struts, 
springs, lower control arms, tied rod name it)

I followed Bentley, so the following may not be in the correct sequence, so 
caveat emptor

remove wheels
separate ball joint from hub (this frees lower control arm from the hub
remove the 4 subframe bolts and lower the subframe/control arm/sway bar assy.

I then removed the sway bar and control arms...
used a 12 ton press and removed the 4 subframe bushings and installed 

Now is the time to do the motor mounts (at least the one on the turbo 
side...since you will have access from underneath, which is typically 
blocked by the subframe
(just make sure to support the engine when doing this)   Ditto for the 
transmission mounts - you have the access

Re assemble the subframe/swaybar/control arm assy
lift unit into place, use the recommended NEW subframe bolts
reinstall lower control arm ball joints into the wheel hub (they also 
recommend new bolts for this)

Reinstall wheel...


Nice to have a helper when removing/installing the subframe assy, but I 
managed to do it myself with the help of a hydraulic jack


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