broken alternator belt

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Tue Feb 24 02:17:47 EST 2004

Mark: You can do this your self.
You can drive for a while without the belt.
Make sure the replacement is a Conti belt profiled for the Audi Alt pulley.
If you use electrical items with no alt belt your battery will discharge in a 
few minutes of driving................I've made 40 miles after one broke, but 
that was with no lights, radio, heat etc....................

Replacing it yourself: Crawl under and check out the assembly.
There is a bolt on the back of the alt that seems like its an adjustment for 
tensioning the belt.  It runs through the center of a (star wheel that moves) 
in the teethed channel of a bracket.

The BENTLEY is very vague here.
that 13?mm bolt is supposed to have a tension of like 22 ft lbs. (someone 
with the correct spec please chime in) all it does is snug the star wheel to the 
alt casting.
A larger mm box wrench is used on the outside edges of the star wheel (look 
close the edges are flattened to accept a open ended box wrench) to make the 
tension (to the belt) adjustment.  The smaller bolt through the center of the 
wheel just holds the star wheel in place.......... to keep it from slipping 
loose and putting slack back into the belt.

To "pry" or move the alt back and forth I found a large 3/4" extension 18" 
long or so, worked for leverage.  This was placed carefully against the block.

The Bentley mentions loosening the top pivot bolt on top of the alt which 
seems to go the engine block.  I found that bolt inaccessible.

This is not the preferred Bentley method.  It worked for me.  It may not for 
This just swings the alt a bit so you can get a new belt on.

Remember touching the battery cables on the back of the alt will give you a 
nice shock and sparks show.....................................

I can post photos  I just did this.
HTH - Scott by BOSTON

> Dear list members:
> Driving home from work last night, the alternator belt snapped.  The car
> still ran and I made it home no problem.  A few basic questions:  Is there
> any problem driving it a couple of miles down the road to my mechanic?  How
> difficult a job is it to replace the belt?  Should I replace all v-belts at
> the same time?
> Many thanks,
> Mark 

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