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Tue Feb 24 23:22:49 EST 2004

If you are running your engine hard a lot, you may be loosing oil due to 
evaporation.  If I recall correctly -- Typically dino oil will evaporate 20-25% of 
its volume due to heat.  A synthetic oil looses about 10%.  In some 
applications (ie. high mileage engines) it is possible that the smaller synthetic oil 
particle size will leak past the rings/valve guides and be burned as well.  I 
typically run Royal Puple motor oil, (I don’t use their full synthetic due to 
cost), however, it probably has better film strength than other full synthetic 
Chet B
At 01:42 AM 2/19/2004 -0500, you wrote:
My experience has been somewhat contrary to yours.
In my '97 A6 the 5w40 synth had noticeably less consumption than other dino 
oils I tried, and as a side note - the '97 A6 has always (since 44k) 
consumed more than any 5cyl I've ever had - oh well .......................
thanks for any input.
Steve H.

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