flywheel balance question

Rick Houck rhouck at
Thu Feb 26 20:11:22 EST 2004

I need advice from someone who has lighteded an I5 flywheel. Should the
flywheel actually be balanced perfectly when removed from the crank?

Background: A few years ago, I took my coupe flywheel to a local speed shop
for cutting. They did the job, but when I picked it up, they told me it was
out of balance before cutting, so they left it that way after cutting. Not
knowing Audi 5 cylinder engines, they were not sure if this was done on
purpose to counter some effects from the rotating mass of the crank and
reciprocating parts. After 5-6 years of track duty behind my 7A and MC
engines, I can say that it is very smooth all the way to redline. I think
they were probably right.

Fast forward: I am now getting ready to do a 3B conversion on another car,
and again will be using a lightened coupe flywheel. My experience tells me
it is OK to just remove metal evenly, but I have never heard this discussed.
Anyone else go through this?

Thanks in advance,

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