Lister sighting?

Steve Owen steve at
Thu Feb 26 23:15:25 EST 2004

Oops... Make that Westford, not Weston.  Duh.

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I've had my '91 200 Avant since November.  Today I saw another one on the
road for the first time and was wondering if it was someone here...

495 North near Chelmsford, MA around 5:30pm or so...

It was funny.  We both rode beside each other for a bit checking each
other's cars out.  The other funny thing is that the first thing I noticed
was he came up behind me wasn't the grill on the car... It was the
unbelievably dim headlights coming up behind me.  :-)

I also saw and Audi 80 on the road today as well around Weston, MA.


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