91 20v Avant - Pricing...

the Spaeth's spaeth at gorge.net
Fri Feb 27 09:54:25 EST 2004

We just purchased a very meticulously maintained 91 20v Avant with 
150,000+ miles on it for $8750. We actually ended up paying more to get 
all the extra goodies and ended up close to $10,000 with all the stuff. 
This is on the high side for sure but it was in incredible condition and 
everything had been kept up. We looked at one other one that was 
probably a good deal for the right person. It was a  little over $5000, 
my guess is you could get it for $5000, but it would need alot of 
refreshing. These are super rare cars, but they also have a super rare 
buyer. Not many people even know they exist. At least it is an Avant. I 
have been trying to sell our 91 200 Sedan now for over 6mos. Only one 
person has even looked at the car. It is a nice car and we are down to 
$4500. In my searching to find an Avant it seemed that they ran from 
$5500 for cars with a few issues to around $9500 for pretty flawless 
cars. These prices seem to be dropping almost as fast as the sedans, 
although they seem to be about $2000-$3000 more.

hope this helps,
the Gorge

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