Audi Fans improvement suggestion? WAS: Stupid replies on Audiw... forum

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Fri Feb 27 12:14:07 EST 2004

Ben, Brett and Mark et al:

I think the thread format at AWorld is hard to follow (at least visually.)
Or maybe its more efficient than I think.  Since most never post beyond the 
topic line.  Either way I do feel that Audifans is a great asset.
HOWEVER:  I'd like to present an idea to the powers that be:

Is it possible to post a photo with an AFans post (limited size of course) 
when posting a question about removing a part or ID'ing one?

I think Mark Chang has worked out this concept in the classified section as 
now cars can have more than 1 photo.  A major BONUS in the marketability of 
items for sale.

ANY way of carrying a one photo option over to these lists?
And no Avitar or tag photos at least for a while...........Unless the masses 
-Scott by BOSTON
> This is why most of us (I assume) subsribe to this list and let their 
> Audiworld subscription/link expire a long time ago.
> I recently tried to locate some specific info. there - 95% noise, 5% useful 
> information.
> It may be a little more helpful with newer cars, but  

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