Lister sighting?

Steve Owen steve at
Fri Feb 27 17:48:07 EST 2004

Yup, that was the one.
Mine was formerly owned by Glen (Fundsalo Racing) who was / is a member of
this list.  The car had a few little issues that my good friend Dan helped
me fix up and it's been running like a top ever since (161K miles as of
In hindsight, yea, I thought your lights looked odd.  But of course I've
never seen mine coming at me from behind because I'm in the driver's seat,
so I didn't really know what they'd look like.  :-)


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That was me in my incredibly dirty, winter wheeled (ugly V8) Titan Grey

Those "dim" headlights were my Euro headlights with only the city lights

Kim (de wife)'s Indigo is much cleaner ;-)

BTW, you drive a nice indigo wagon!
Richard Berlin down in Manchester MA also has a beautiful, pristine (as in
showroom new) wagon


At 11:13 PM 2/26/2004, Steve Owen wrote:

I've had my '91 200 Avant since November.  Today I saw another one on the
road for the first time and was wondering if it was someone here...

495 North near Chelmsford, MA around 5:30pm or so...

It was funny.  We both rode beside each other for a bit checking each
other's cars out.  The other funny thing is that the first thing I noticed
was he came up behind me wasn't the grill on the car... It was the
unbelievably dim headlights coming up behind me.  :-)

I also saw and Audi 80 on the road today as well around Weston, MA.


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