Euro Light Gremlins

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Jan 1 11:36:03 EST 2004

after your update I am still thinking relays.  If they took some abuse from 
the elements, the problem will come back.  As for H4 prices, $90 pr is 
crazy.  Napa has 85/100, my favorites for ~$15 at .

From: Mike Miller <>
Subject: Re: Euro Light Gremlins

I'll give you guys an update here. I ended up unplugging the headlights the
night it was happening. The next day, I plugged them back in and the problem 
not happened again. The day it happened I had driven from Seattle to Montana 
abut 550 miles) in a lot of slush/wet lane conditions.

I am looking for a decent source for the H4 55w 100 bulbs ( that is what 
out of the lights and they were quite satisfactory) - all I've seen so far 
in my
limited searching is about $90 a pair, which to me seems very high.

When I get back to Seattle next week, I'll check some of the import car 
and look around online and see if I can source the H4's at a reasonable 
price. I
think Napa carries them and were just out when I was looking. They did have 
H4 70w75s in stock that I probably should have purchased as they were under


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