All over 'cept the bleeding...

Tom Werner noonan67 at
Thu Jan 1 16:36:08 EST 2004

Just replace 3 hard brake lines, 4 brake hoses and one parking brake cable 
(that was a bitch and a half job) on my 91 200q20.  That, along with freeing 
up the Parking brake cams, installing new front pads and swapping out my 
horrificly bad UFO's for a used set in much, much better condition.

The brake system was pretty much drained due to a blown brake line 2 weeks 
ago, and I am finally ready to fill 'er up with brake fluid and bleed the 
system.  A couple of questions before I proceed:

1:  Do I need to bleed the Master Cylinder, or can I simply fill up and 
start bleeding the lines?  Meaning, with the system drained down, should I 
approach this as if I were installing a new M/C and "bench bleed" before 

2:  When do I bleed the slave cylinder?  Before, or after, bleeding the 

I've got a home-made pressure bleeder, so the operation shouldn't be that 
involved, still, I would rather do it once and do it correctly the first 

Damn, I may even get to drive the car this weekend.


-- Tom Werner
Charleston, SC

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