Removing Front Door Panels

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Thu Jan 1 22:38:50 EST 2004

There is a screw behind the handle that opens the door.  Then you pop the
sides and bottom off and pull up to unhook it from the top.
The trick to the armrest screws is to use a flashlight and be sure you get
the Allen wrench in the head.  It is easy to miss the head.  Use ball end
wrenches to make it easier.  Also, they do not need to come all the way out.
They just need to be loosened to unhook them from the hooks on the door.

Good luck.

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> Hello Again.
> I am trying to upgrade my stereo to an aftermarket unit, and in so doing
> need to remove the door panels. I found 2 philips screws on the edge of
> upper panel. I also found that the armrest has 3 allen head screws. Are
> these the only things standing in my way? and Is there a trick to get the
> arm rest screws out? Also I will be installing 6x9s in the rear deck
> openings. I understand that I will need to cut a bit to make this happen.
> there a way to get the rear deck covering off so I don't damage it during
> the cutting operation?
> Thanks in advanve for your help.
> Grant in Colorado Springs
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