Fault codes

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Fri Jan 2 09:11:34 EST 2004

I doubt that the IM thermistor is actually bad, rather a false code
associated with other problems.  BTDT.  As I recall, somewhere in Bentley is
the resistance vs. temp data for all the various thermistor temp sensors,
allowing you to check the unit with an ohmeter.


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> Subject: Re: Fault codes
> Thanks Phil,
> I should have added that I did all the requisite tests for the sensor and
> all speced out OK, and all connections were/are "fine".  As I went about
> trying to find a new sensor, I now have the 1111 code and an O2 code!  I
> pulled the O2 and it was white chalky, not good looking!  I will replace it
> tonight and see if that code goes away and temp sensor comes back.  Of
> course did the "bad"
> temp sensor kill the mix enough to off the O2, and will it again before I
> can find a replacement.
> And I still wan to clear the 1111 code.
> Too many Audis, too little time!
> Mike
>> Mike,
>> If you haven't already looked under the IM temp sensor's rubber boot, then
>> do so in order to verify that there are good electrical connections. I
>> believe the factory connectors are welded/crimped, but if there's been a
>> previous effort to fix or replace the sensor, you might find a badly
>> soldered connection (that's what I found on one of my cars--but even worse,
>> there was a stray strand of wire shorting across the sensor terminals).
>> Phil
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