H.I.D. Lights?

steve marinelli steve at k2exoman.com
Fri Jan 2 10:36:38 EST 2004

I've heard/read all about the euro light conversions for the 200q20v. With 
the prices for the euro kit soaring up to almost a thousand dollars 
(blaufernugen), which is currently about how much high intesity discharge 
headlights (H.I.Ds) cost as a factory option at most dealerships, I was 
wondering if anyone had successfully adapted HIDs to the 200q20v... and if 
so, how?

I figure that if I am going to upgrade them, I might as well go all the 
way. Also, my understanding is that HIDs are brighter but use less power, 
would the stock wiring then be okay?

- Steve Marinelli

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