H.I.D. Lights?

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Fri Jan 2 11:15:07 EST 2004

Unless you know of a country where the type 44 is still in production with an 
HID option - China? - you seem to be talking about putting an HID bulb 
replacement kit in a DOT light.
IMHO, this will give the same unsatisfactory result as using a 100W 9004 in a 
DOT light - the DOT optics (reflector, lens) just plain suck and more 
candlepower in them isn't the solution. You are going to have to do some wiring 
for the HID ballast anyway, so that doesn't really save you anything either 
over relays.

Now if you wanted to put an HID bulb conversion into euro light buckets, that 
probably would work out ok, but sure isn't going to save you any money. I think 
(quattro/s-car) lister Fred Munro in Canada has done an HID conversion on his 
UrS4 w/euros and was pleased. As I recall there was a ballast unit and 
light-emitting "capsule", per side, that replaces a bulb such as an H4 in the 
euros. Not sure how the high/low beam works, maybe there was a movable dealy 
inside the capsule? Seems like that was about a year ago or so, check the main 
list archives if they are up.

Henry Harper
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On Friday, January 02, 2004 8:35 AM, steve marinelli [SMTP:steve at k2exoman.com] 
>  I've heard/read all about the euro light conversions for the 200q20v. With
the prices for the euro kit soaring up to almost a thousand dollars
(blaufernugen), which is currently about how much high intesity discharge
headlights (H.I.Ds) cost as a factory option at most dealerships, I was
wondering if anyone had successfully adapted HIDs to the 200q20v... and if
so, how?

I figure that if I am going to upgrade them, I might as well go all the
way. Also, my understanding is that HIDs are brighter but use less power,
would the stock wiring then be okay?

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