Fault codes

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Fri Jan 2 18:52:00 EST 2004

No wiring problem, no sensor problem.  Fixed a few other problems and the
cleared fault code didn't come back.  If car runs fine, don't worry.


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> Bernie,
> So how'd you find to solve it?  Did you locate a short in the wiring?  As
> I've remarked in the past, I've had similar fault codes for some time, and
> they continue.  I've been unable to find a short, and as I think you where
> leading towards, the resistance is correct at the given temp.
> ???
> Derek P
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> Subject: Re: Fault codes
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> Bernies' comments echo my findings.  I tossed a slightly used O2 sensor in.
> New temp sensors were not immediately avail and I did not want to drop a new
> O2 in while still having a "bad" IM temp sensor.  No iimediate change in
> codes.  Next day, all codes gone and car is happily flashing 4444.  I never
> get the all clear codes in the 200, usually always have the 2111.
> We'll see how long it lasts!
> Mike
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