Stupid Delta Bose Radio.

Tom Werner noonan67 at
Sat Jan 3 01:40:01 EST 2004

Hey Guys,

My '91 200q Bose Radio seems to have a mind of its own.  It will scan 
stations for seemingly no reason at all.  Mind you, this isn't always a bad 
thing -- like when Dr. Laura somehow finds her way on to my radio dial.  
But, overall, it's pretty annoying.

Is there a fix for this?  Or, does someone have a unit they've replaced?  
I'm pretty big on books-on-tape, so I prefer having a cassette player.

Keith at Audi Connection suggested that the Gamma Radio in most '92 and up 
Audis (100's, S4's V8's and perhaps 80's and 90's) would be a direct 
replacement.  I'm willing to go this route if one is available.

Also, the front right speaker doesn't seem to be working, and I would like 
to troubleshoot.  Do I need to remove the entire door panel, or can I access 
the speaker by removing just the screen?


-- Tom Werner

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