Looking for the heater flap position pot. and flap position motor

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Jan 3 06:01:23 EST 2004

The heater flap position motor is mounted to the driver side of the heater
core enclosure.  It's under a cover held on by several screws. If I
remember correctly, way to work on this assembly comfortably in the car is
to remove the wiper motor assembly.  You still need a stubby screwdriver
for some of the screws that have to come off.  If you look through the
archives (provided they're available), you may find reference to a website
that had images of what things look like.  The motor assembly connects to
arms that control the flaps in the heater core box.  I can't remember where
I purchased the motor, but it was ~$60.  Maybe Scott Mockry?  

At 07:26 PM 1/2/2004 -0800, Chuck Pierce wrote:
>The heater in the car gets hot and then  goes cold.
>In listening and asking questions I figured that the heater flap 
>position pot. was the problem in the heater. Also the self test throws a 
>7 & a 15 on channel 1.
>Is this gem on the fan housing under the cover in front of the windshield?
>Chuck Pierce
>91 200tq 20v Avant
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