UFO Brakes, Light is Warning, not $$ Danger

Dale at TheMcCormacks.org Dale at TheMcCormacks.org
Sat Jan 3 10:33:27 EST 2004

A few weeks ago I asked for advice from listers on the risk of driving 
after the "pad wear light" began to flash intermittently.  Some advised 
prudence others  less so.  Anyway, after disassembly I'd reckon that 
there was another 500-1000 miles of pad(s) left before metal-to-metal 

Good news though, in doing the pad replacement, I'd say that these are 
the easiest pads to replace of any I've ever done.  Simply remove the 
locator screw w/star wrench, pry back the piston, remove a 
locator/retaining spring, remove the UFO disc assembly, replace the 
outer pad, reassemble the UFO and insert the locator screw, insert the 
new inner pad, assemble the spring and put the wheel back on.  (Keep an 
eye on the brake fluid resevoir  when squeezing in the pistons and 
remove any excess fluid before it overflows.)

Less than ten minutes per side!

Happy Motoring!

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