Aftermarket Stereo Questions

andy trifox13 at
Sat Jan 3 17:29:03 EST 2004

I have a 91 200 avant that has an aftermarket Kenwood CD player. There is an additional power unit in the glovebox (jenson?). It also has Blaupunkt VPC60 speakers(6"?) in the front, which look to be aftermarket because the rear speakers are grey grilles and the blaupunkts are black. I am considering replacing the cd player w/ an alpine or similar. The kenwood does not appear to be a DIN mount which I assumed all audis were. Will I have to pull the kenwood unit to see how they screwed up the wiring? Does anyone have any advice on wiring kits/adapter plates before I dive into this? Any suggestions on actual cd players for good quality, reasonable price and reliability? Power for avg to above avg volume/performance? I have always had good luck w/ alpines. I don't want to put in a subwoofer or deal w/ changing the wiring, etc. One of the speakers has a short or loose wire so those may be replaced also. It looks like the door panel needs to come off for that job. 

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