Questions regarding hesitation during acceleration

Sun Jan 4 12:14:23 EST 2004

Hi Guys,

I have two quick questions, but first a little background info:

Last week when driving on the express way I got on the throttle pretty hard 
and felt a lot of hesitation. There was no sound (that I could hear) just the 
hesitation. I backed off and drove a steady 85 mph to my destination with no 
problem. Opened the hood and noticed a half inch rip in the hose from the Turbo 
to the BPV etc..Great I thought and bought the hose. Well, I just installed 
the new hose and took the car for a spin and it still hesitates once the boost 
rises. I double checked the clamps to know avail.
So here are my questions: 
Will a bad O2 sensor make the car hesitate during heavy acceleration?  (I 
recall I had this problem with my 200 some years ago, but it is not that fresh in 
my mind.)

Where else would you suggest that I should be looking? 

Thanks in advance,

Shawn Olsen
Clarkston, MI
95 S6 MTM 
91 200q20v avant
96 A4 2.8q

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