IA Stage III+ hardware?

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Thanks Patrick and others who have responded.

I do have an email in with Ned, who said he'll give me more information on Monday.  Also, I 
do have an RS2 EM, but so far I have the stock K24.  Both pieces have been ceramic 
coated if that makes any difference.  I also found out that the initial information I had about 
the pressure transducer in the Stage III+ was incorrect, and it is a 2.5 bar unit.

I would imagine if the Stage III+ presses the stock K24 just to its limits, then that setup 
wouldn't be optimal to take advantage of all that an RS2 EM and turbo would offer.

I was primarily curious because a used Stage III+ ECU was available and I need to decide 
what I want to do regarding engine management  and upgrades for the 3B for my 4kstq.  I 
want to do some of the higher end mods to it, over time, and I don't look forward to pay for 
custom programming after every change.  So programmable engine management is 
attractive but normally expensive and not yet justified.  If I have one, can move a chip for a 
stock 3B in my 200q20v when I upgrade the 4kstq beyond it, so that's one thing I can be 
pretty sure I'm interested in.



On 4 Jan 2004 at 11:49, Patrick Anderson wrote:

> I would recommend that you get the RS2 exhaust manifold if you are going to
> get the III+ software. It will prevent you from overheating the exhaust
> valves. If you are sticking with the stock turbo you should probably only
> get the stage III chip. The III+ may push the stock turbo too its absolute
> limits, possibly resulting in failure. But if you can plunk down the $$$ the
> III+, E.M., and RS2 turbo will leave you with a huge grin and a very heavy
> foot. And you can run away from new S4's with ease, speaking from experience
> here. Give Ned at Intended Acceleraction a call and he can set you up with
> everything you need. I have always found him to be very helpful.
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> > Happy New Year!
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> > What hardware is required to properly run Ned's Stage III+ chipset?  I
> understand this stage
> > incorporates a 3.0 bar pressure transducer in the 3B application, correct?
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