Lower control arm ball joint boots

Dr. Adam Gratz DO dradamgratz at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 5 16:21:40 EST 2004


I replaced the sway bar bushing with a universal (sized to the bar)
Polyurethane from Energy suspension. Great cheap upgrade. You will need a
drill press and some home depot stock flat steel or aluminum to make a plate
to ride above the bushing and through the stock bolts. Don't forget to
lock-tight the bolts. Don't make the plate to thick or you will need longer


They also make poly ball joint covers, which I used on my 2002tii. 


While I'm at it, A fellow at Ireland engineering in CA, made me an amazing
hollow front sway bar for my tii, which ran under the oil pan from control
arm to control arm and was a truly impressive improvement. The whole thing
was around $130,and weighted about 6 pounds.

Group Interest? Group buy?

Dr. Gratz

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