Front stock speaker sizes?

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The info you have is wrong.  The Bose System as fitted in the '91 200q20v
and '90-94 V8 consists of only four full-range speakers:

Two approx 4" (proprietary Bose size with three mounting holes) -- one in
each front door -- and two 6 x 9's in the rear deck (even though the rear
deck grills look like 6").  The Dash mount speakers are 3.5" I believe
(haven't messed with them yet), but only the right front actually has a
speaker mounted there -- and it is only used for the hands-free function of
the Audi armrest analog Motorola Phone.

I'll e-mail you some info off list (as much has already been covered).  If I
had to do it again, I'd probably go with MB Quart all around, though both of
the systems I installed sound much better than the Bose before it.

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
'84 Urquattro
'91 v8q 5-speed w/ lots of mods :-)

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> My 200tq20v has the Bose audio system. I have heard that there are ten
> speakers in this vehicle. Dash and Door components (separate woofers and
> tweeters) as well as 6x9s in the rear. I am looking at replacing the Bozo
> audio system entirely and am curious as to what the fornt speaker sizes
> are. I have heard everywhere from 5 1/4" to 6 1/2", so what are they? How
> deep are the stock locations? I'm looking at either Infinity, MB Quart or
> Polk Momo components and I want to know what sizes work? Do any of you
> have either of these, which sound better?
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> - Steve Marinelli
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